Wednesday, September 24, 2014

CKS Fun Run 2014

Perhaps the biggest challenge to celebrating my 40th with dear friends was the fact that I had to get up bright and early the next morning to chair the CKS Fun Run. Ever since my first foray as co-chair  four years ago (!), I have helped to organize this event. And just as I wrote back then, it has continued to be a truly fun time.

It helps that we are surrounded by happy families who genuinely enjoy being there. It's one of the first events of the school year, before we are over it all. The weather was glorious, too. And this many years in, we know or at least recognize a large percentage of the group. That's a great feeling. 

I suspect our happy feelings about the event were enhanced by the fact that Laura is now old enough to run around with friends, leaving us free to relax and chat with ours. Just imagine when she's old enough to pin on a number...

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