Sunday, June 8, 2008

An artist's evolution

It's not unusual for Clare to pass the time with crayons in hand, or markers, or pencils, etc. She has a stash of art supplies in her room for quiet time (the most hallowed 90 minutes of the day), and we recently moved her easel from the playroom to her bedroom. In the past she has been a prolific artist, but not the most patient. Recently, however, I've noticed something: her pictures now consistently resemble something recognizable! Last week she drew a picture of the lake house for Jennifer - and it really looked like a house! Yesterday she assumed more of a fashion designer's role, sketching dresses, skirts and tops (see photo). I'm not claiming that she's a genius in the works, but as a parent it's one of those milestones that you tend to marvel at - sort of like her ability to swim unassisted. I'm just waiting for her to write her own stories (like her cousin Katy does so amazingly well). As you can see on Danny's birthday card, she has the skills to write the words and draw the pictures, so I imagine it's just a matter of time. You might think it's wishful thinking from a writing-inclined mother, but between Clare's love of books and incredible imagination I feel fairly certain about this one.