Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Clare's dream

Today, several times, Clare referred to a dream she claims to have had last night. The child has an active imagination, and I have no doubt that she does, in fact, dream, but I'm skeptical about the veracity of this particular claim. You see, in this dream, Jasmine (of Disney princess fame) was her mommy. She used that word, too, not "mother." She was really excited about this. Right now Jasmine ranks very highly for Clare - she's planning to dress up as her for Halloween, and she's planning a Jasmine theme for her sixth birthday (approximately nine months away). Naturally, I was a bit taken aback by this dream and foolishly asked, "You like having me for a mom better, right?" To which she responded that she likes us both the same. Which I suppose is actually high praise - and probably trumps any comment Tim might make, he of the Jasmine-loving daddies - but it made me realize that I think we have started a downhill spiral away from Mommy Infallibility. Sorry, Danny, but those apron strings just got tighter.