Saturday, June 28, 2008

Man-to-man coverage

One of the best things about weekends is that I get to shift from zone defense to man-to-man coverage. This Saturday we took that to the extreme. Tim and Clare set off for White Water, a Six Flags water park. As I write this, they're still there, so I can only assume they're having a blast. If it's half as fun as Clare was anticipating, they should be good. This left me with the Danimal. After we went for a run and ran a few errands, I packed our lunch and we headed to the pool. Where we were completely alone for 90% of our time there. A good opportunity to take a picture of our neighborhood pool, I guess! Granted, the skies were a tad threatening earlier on, so I suppose that scared off some would-be swimmers. Unlike Clare, the social butterfly, Danny didn't mind in the least that we were alone, and we passed a very pleasant afternoon. It was also my chance to video Danny singing without Clare interrupting him, so here he is, singing his two favorite songs.