Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I know you've all been wondering...

Since so many of you have been clamoring for an update on the cats (she said oh so sarcastically), I thought I would oblige. Actually, I did get an email from my mom today, mildly concerned that she hadn't heard much about them recently. You can all rest assured that Quincy and Duncan are not only surviving but thriving. They have quickly established themselves on the intelligence scale, too. Quincy: not so bright, given that he unfailingly puts himself in potential harm's way vis a vis the kids. The picture of him with Clare is something that happens multiple times a day. Duncan, on the other hand, is smart enough to stay far, far away - until they've gone to bed. Furthermore, he knows how to win points with me and spends much of his day seeking my attention. Given that we would not have these felines unless I was the cat person that I am, I embrace almost all of these opportunities for affection. Neither cat has been smart enough to win over Tim, however. In fact, the other night Quincy noiselessly crept behind Tim, who then accidentally stepped on him and proceeded to flail his arms and run around saying, "I do not need this in my life!" Give him time.

To review, Quincy is the black tuxedo-clad cat and is named for one of the four Little Einsteins (Danny's favorite show, although it has lately been overshadowed by the Golf Channel). Duncan is the white cat with black spots, and he's named for a character in a terrific children's story called Duncan and Dolores.