Sunday, March 21, 2010


I realize that, generally speaking, this blog is somewhat self-serving. I like to argue that it's a great way for the grandparents to keep up with our daily doings, and to chronicle the random moments that might otherwise get lost in the shuffle. But this post is 100% self-serving, and I do. Not. Care.

On our final training run together last week, Allyson recalled a conversation we had more than a year ago, wherein I told her that I wasn't sure I saw myself as a runner. As of today, I think I have finally convinced myself otherwise. I am officially a half-marathoner, and it feels awesome.

It's hard not to make this next part sound like an acceptance speech at the Oscars, but I have discovered that while running is an individual sport, completing something like a half-marathon takes a lot of support and encouragement. Allyson was a tremendous source of motivation, both as an experienced racer but also as a great training partner. Tim's patience and support for my weekly long runs, not to mention never batting an eye when I bought yet another pair of running shoes, would have been impossible to do without. Bill P.'s infectious enthusiasm bolstered me, and the list goes on!

I will most definitely run a half again (and probably won't blog about it, so don't worry). Until then, I'm off for a much-needed, and, if I do say so myself, well-deserved pedicure. WOO HOO!


Jennifer A Morlan said...

You go girl!! Well, I guess you already did ;-) Good for you; I am very proud of you---and not just for your running. momster

Mary Beth said...

Congratulations to you Liz!!! That is an awesome, awesome achievement! And yes - I do think running 13.1 miles (at one time!) qualifies you as a runner! Great job!

Amy B said...

Congrats! And you definitely are a runner - you have a bumper sticker that says so!