Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Grandpa - and TR - Go to Preschool

For those of us who know and love Larry, we are not the least surprised that he took the occasion of visiting Danny's class and made it into a "TR" (Teddy Roosevelt) moment. He asked me last week if he could bring a TR show-and-tell, to which I dubiously answered yes. I mean, what on earth was he going to do that would not fly directly over three- and four-year-olds' heads? It turns out (as usual, he would argue) that I didn't give him enough credit.

After enjoying the opening ceremonies of a typical day in the Dolphins class, it was time for show-and-tell, and Mrs. Manley suggested that Larry go first. So he grabbed his enticing bag of goodies and proceeded to tell the kiddos about how the teddy bear got its name. He had an excellent visual aid that was so soft and cuddly and has now been named Fuzzy Batman Bear (the class has Danny and Wyatt to thank for that).

From there Grandpa read an age-appropriate story about courage, starring a young Theodore Roosevelt suffering from bad dreams. It was very cute, and Danny was beaming with pride (when he wasn't nestled squarely on Larry's lap).

Poor Tim has a lot to live up to on Friday...

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Crystal said...

I'm so sad Kylie missed it. :(