Saturday, March 13, 2010

Happy Birthday to Tim!

While I know that the prospect of cake partially fueled their excitement, the kids were very enthusiastic about celebrating Daddy's birthday.

We celebrated as a family last night (we have a sitter coming tonight so that Mommy and Daddy get a date night). Prior to pizza and the movie, we presented Tim with his gifts. This year he was treated to hand-decorated wrapping paper by both kids. In fact, it was Danny's idea! He mostly used Batman stickers for his creation. Clare, on the other hand, went all out, decorating all four sides with sweet messages, pictures cut out from construction paper, and even lift-the-flap pictures. I figure this more than made up for the fact that I didn't wrap my present at all (how do you wrap a golf bag, anyway)?

For the movie, we elected to watch the original 'Star Wars.' Clare had requested this movie a while back, and I figured Tim would enjoy this more than any Disney creation. I think Danny might have enjoyed it the most, however! He watched very intently, and used his empty wrapping paper roll as a laser gun. Despite having two toy light sabers, he opted to use tinker toys instead; either way, he was definitely interested in the light saber scenes. Boys!

Toward the end of the movie, we needed a cake break. This year I went for a ninja theme while decorating it (it's probably hard to tell what's on the cake unless you know what you're looking for). Danny's handmade card for Daddy also featured a ninja, while Clare went with a St. Patrick's Day theme. Just right for the multi-faceted guy that he is, right?

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