Thursday, March 25, 2010

Lucky Number Seven

Another March 25 has come and (almost) gone by, and suddenly Tim and I are the parents of a seven-year-old. And what a seven-year-old she is!

I am happy to report that Clare had a delightful day. Lucky for her, her birthday fell in the midst of ITBS week (Iowa Test of Basic Skills). Yes, standardized tests. No, I am not being sarcastic - she was thrilled. Yesterday morning she told me, "Even though I can't wait for my birthday, I don't want to wish today away because it's a test day." So, yeah. The tests took place in the morning, so later in the day Danny and I brought a birthday treat to her classroom: ice cream sandwiches. This was timed for right before P.E., which was a brilliant tactical move on her teacher's part. (Her teacher who is currently two days past her due date with her first baby.) I loved watching Clare's radiant face as her class sang to her the "cha cha cha" version of the birthday song (insert "cha cha cha" after each phrase of the song). She really is one happy kid, and I couldn't be more thankful.

The family birthday festivities took place this evening, once Tim got home. We had a peaceful, low-key afternoon leading up to his arrival, which was the right environment for me to attempt the Felicity cake. I nearly fell out of my chair when she told me what she wanted on her cake, and I wouldn't claim to love my results, but she very sincerely told me she thought it was beautiful, so I guess that's all that counts!

Before we consumed the cake, after Clare and Danny enjoyed some of Publix's finest frozen cheese pizza (she chose it over delivery pizza, I swear), it was the much-anticipated time for presents. I made a rookie mistake of revealing one of her presents' contents to Danny earlier in the day, which he promptly revealed 90% of (a Playmobil veterinarian set - he told her it was Playmobil), so I guess I learned my lesson there. Anyway, Danny was about to explode with excitement as she opened her gifts, and the minute she opened that one he essentially elevated off the floor and shouted, "Cla-yer, do you want to play Playmobil with me?" It was a resounding yes, with the quick act of opening her last gift. Which happened to be a LEGO set from Tim and me. At which point Danny nearly swooned, he was so happy for her, for him, for the possibilities of what they could play.

It was a very tearful parting for Danny when it was time for bed, but my sweet, gracious Clare was quick to assure him that they could play tomorrow, and all weekend. Clare, who was disappointed to go to bed herself and end her birthday, but ever the steady big sister and wonderful role model. I often find myself dwelling on what she has left to learn, to achieve, to improve upon, but today I am filled with pride, satisfaction, and gratitude.

Happy birthday, Clare Bear!


Mommy to Three said...

Happy Birthday Clare!
Love, Pax & Piper
They love your cake and your gifts! Legos and Play Mobile- two of our favorite things!!!

Jennifer A Morlan said...

Clare truly is a delightful child. Am so glad she had such a happy birthday (and that it was happy for Danny, too!) I am proud of you, too: you were up to the CONSIDERABLE challenge of a Felicity cake. Luv to all, Grammy/momster