Monday, March 22, 2010

Danny, Star of the Week

This week in the Dolphins class, Danny is the Star of the Week. Exciting! As part of this special honor, he was asked to make a poster highlighting his favorite things, his family, etc. He took this project very seriously. If you compare with his All About Danny poster from last year, you'll see that he hasn't so much changed in his interests but has rather expanded them.

This morning kicked off Danny's special week. I spent the first hour of the Dolphins' day in class with them, so I got to see him tell his friends all about his poster. They were treated to both a jousting demonstration as well as a preview of his soccer prowess. It was quite a sight to see his enthusiasm, which I was relieved to see him muster considering my presence. What is it about having their parent(s) in the classroom that makes kids behave so out-of-character?

As if the poster wasn't enough, we also decided to mark the occasion with star-shaped cookies (and yes, those are star-shaped sprinkles on them). I later learned that today is a classmate's birthday, which meant cupcakes, so the sweet treat was a little anticlimactic, but at least we enjoyed making them together.

The remainder of this stellar week will include a guest visit from Grandpa on Wednesday and a reading of Danny's favorite book by Daddy on Friday. Is it any wonder Danny bounded out of bed, ready to head to school at 6:30 this morning?

P.S. Not wanting to be left out of something that in any way, shape or form involves homework, Clare took advantage of some extra poster board and started making a poster about cats. It's extremely thorough, with lots of facts, and will probably be a work in progress forever. She's a cute little nerd.

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