Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fall in the Family

Ah, autumn. I relish every ounce of this season, and the rest of the family is pretty wild about it, too. Especially when it comes to our family pumpkin outing. We decided to really make a day of it this year by heading back to Burt's Pumpkin Farm, about 90 minutes away in the North Georgia mountains area. After an early mass we struck out, enjoying the drive and eager for some fresh air. We saw deer, goats, cows, and horses along the way, not to mention beautiful scenery that is just now beginning to transform into colorful bursts.

Burt's is a popular place this time of year, but we had the right outlook for the day and didn't mind the long lines for hayrides or cashiers. Both kids were just the right age to be totally enthusiastic for the hayride. And both were perfectly content to stroll the aisles and aisles of pumpkins (big ones, little ones, orange ones, green ones, plus squash, gourds, Indian corn...). Once we selected our four pumpkins and wheelbarrowed them back to the car (the wheelbarrow alone is worth the visit as far as Clare and Danny are concerned), we took out our picnic and ate with gusto. Clare and I then succumbed to the mouthwatering aromas of the freshly-baked pumpkin pie. Except that Danny scarfed my entire piece. Who saw that coming?

Fueled by a solid lunch, we headed a mere 1/4 mile up the road to Amicalola Falls. The kids were fairly gung-ho to hike the trails, at least at first, but our three-year-old companion petered out pretty quickly. Still, we saw some lovely scenery and have plans to head back some day (perhaps when Danny hasn't been exhausted by a three-hour excursion to a pumpkin patch).

We are now back home, enjoying a peaceful Sunday evening wherein Mommy is blogging and Daddy and the kids are building a pumpkin patch with blocks and Little People. There's not much mystery about why I love fall.


joycooperwidding said...

Great family photos, Liz! LOVE the last one of Tim and sweet! A heart-warmer, for sure!

Jennifer A Morlan said...

Ooh, it looks like you had so much fun. Such beautiful colors, shapes and people. It brought back such fond memories of our trips to the pumpkin patch when you and Sara were small. Of course, the pumpkin patches are a lot fancier now!