Friday, August 26, 2011

Baby of Steel

I think Laura may have secured herself a future tenure in boarding school this week. Most of you are aware that I attempted to wean her to prepare for my upcoming hernia repair. For three days, I withheld nursing as an evening, once-a-day event. I fed her solids, and offered her bottles of formula. For three days, she refused to take a single sip from a bottle. Even if that meant she slept for 12-13 hours and then went another four before she ate solids. She could give Ghandi a run for his money in the hunger strike department.

So I caved. Thanks to the extremely helpful advice and coaching Allyson gave me all along the way, we've got ways to get around the nursing hiatus. In the meantime, it's Laura 1, Mommy and Daddy 0. As just about everyone commented to me this week, I shudder to think what this steel will of hers will imply during her teenage years.

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