Wednesday, August 10, 2011

First Day: The Sequel

Show me a mom who isn't nostalgic on her child's first day of kindergarten! I don't claim to be the most sentimental of women, but this is a big one. I couldn't help reflecting back to Clare's first day, and as I reviewed the picture I noticed two-year-old Danny in the background in his ubiquitous green Crocs. Just look at him now!

He didn't jump out of bed as Clare did at his age. In fact, he moaned that he was tired, and then got a little weepy about being nervous. But as he got dressed, he snapped out of it. And while I thought he'd be totally irritated regarding the belt, he seemed to think that was the coolest part.

At school itself he went back and forth between confidence and nervousness. He was happy to see Luke, kept tabs on Clare's whereabouts, and in the end marched off to his class with nary a backward glance.

(cue music) Sunrise, sunset...

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