Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween in a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Once Danny set the Star Wars tone for Halloween this year, with Clare quickly (if surprisingly) hopping on board, Tim and I knew it had to be a full-family affair. Primarily inspired by the opportunity to dress Laura as Yoda. Unfortunately, she didn't last much past the family photo, but the rest of us had a lovely time trick-or-treating with the Francos while Donna and Larry manned the house. It was picture-perfect Halloween weather, with sunny skies and pleasant temps that weren't too much for, say, a furry Chewbacca costume...

Here's sweet, sad Yoda who just wants to be able to move independently:

Princess Leia and Hermione:

Princess Leia and Chewy:

The whole gang (Gabrielle was Jessie, from Toy Story) on a candy break before heading up the big hill. Note that Danny has lost the mask by this point, after multiple incidents involving his impaired vision:

We're so happy that our Halloween tradition with the Francos is now three years strong. Next year it's their turn for costumes.

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