Friday, November 11, 2011


The weather is cooler around here, such that when Laura and I went for a walk this morning, her fleece footy pajamas and a hat seemed the best attire. This darling hat is one of the few pieces from Clare's wardrobe that have survived to this date. It was put to the test in a Chicago winter but still looks almost new.

Since we also had music class today, I actually got Laura dressed. This is a rare occurrence, particularly on cold days, because a) I'm lazy, and b) what's cozier than jammies?? So, I opted for this precious purple ensemble, which happens to be one of Laura's best colors. It also happens to be one of my favorite outfits from Clare's babyhood, but alas I couldn't find any photos of her wearing it. (The invention of the iPhone means Laura is bucking the tradition of the third child getting short shrift on the photography front.) Interestingly, Clare wore it when she was six and seven months old, whereas it fits ten-month-old Laura perfectly. Despite being the biggest at birth, Laura is definitely the smallest of the three so far. Except for her eyes!

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