Sunday, November 13, 2011

Making Waves & Scoring Goals

It's been a busy season of sporting activity around here. Buoyed by her enthusiasm for the summer swim team experience, Clare opted to drop Irish dancing in favor of year-round swimming - and she continues to love it. We found a program that practices at Georgia Tech, i.e. the very pools in which the 1996 Olympic swimming and diving competitions occurred. So cool. She regularly swims 2-3 times a week, usually with Abby and sometimes Ava. This past weekend she had a swim meet, the Turkey Trot. She didn't walk away with any ribbons, but had a blast and is more than ready to return to the pool!

Meanwhile, Danny played another season of soccer - and it was his best, by far. No longer among the youngest players on the field, he seemed to start putting it all together, scoring goals, defending and passing. More importantly, his interest and energy lasted throughout the entire season. He has decided he wants to try football next fall (flag, fortunately), but this coming spring he'll take to the soccer fields again. Gooooooal!

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