Friday, August 23, 2013

She's Happy, and She Knows It

I'm thinking it's time for me to mention some more positive things about our two-year-old, especially since there really are several. I was reminded of this on our way to preschool yesterday, when Laura spontaneously said, "I'm happy, Mommy!" This is not the first time she has said this, either. 

Laura is a high-spirited little preschooler. She loves to talk about school, especially which snacks she will bring, and is constantly asking if she can go to school. She does a good job of holding her own in dinnertime conversations about school, too. Of course, she also projects Clare's and Danny's experiences onto her own life as a student. So when Danny forgot his backpack last Friday, she spent the next two days telling me she forgot her backpack for school, too! And when Clare waxed poetic about her new binder's many marvelous functions, Laura informed her that she, too, had a binder and would be joining Clare in her class.
I'm pretty sure we all respond well to the return of routine, but I do think Laura has become particularly joyful ever since she began school. She has taken to telling me, several times a day, "I need a huggie!" She gives good ones, too. She loves to sing, especially with Clare. She's almost always up for reading some stories. We've also found her drawn increasingly to playing with puzzles, and her Legos. And she loves to go to the playground. Now, I'm not saying she has abandoned her "emotional terrorism," as dubbed by Tim. But I do think we might be on the slowdown for such attacks. Or possibly I'm blinded by love and cuteness.

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