Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Getting to Know Them

Both Clare's and Danny's classes kicked off the year with projects designed to get them to share a little about themselves. Perfect, because what kid doesn't like thinking and talking about themselves??
Danny's will look familiar, as it is the same poster Clare was assigned when she was in first grade. (Yikes, how she's grown!) Here are the details on the Danimal:

These are my favorite subjects:
  • Reading
  • Social Studies
  • Science
Here are places I like to go (California, Buffalo and the lake house are repeats from Clare's list, so I guess they do have a few things in common):
  • Disney
  • Florida
  • California
  • Buffalo
  • Lake house
  • Mountain house
These are things I like to do:
  • At home: read, play, iPad
  • At school: soccer
  • In the community: football
This is my favorite:
  • Food: meat (hasn't changed since he was 4)
  • Song: Istanbul (not Constantinople)
  • Movie: Percy Jackson
    Book: Percy Jackson series

Clare's assignment related to their summer reading assignment, which was the first book in the 39 Clues series. They first had to create a list of 39 clues about themselves. They then had to create a "suitcase" detailing five of their clues, both with decorations and then actual items inside. For her five primary clues, Clare selected:
  • A swim cap, for her love of swimming
  • Sheet music, for her piano playing
  • A plush cat toy, for her favorite animal
  • Her Notre Dame hat, for her favorite team
  • Two books, for her love of reading
These projects are such great ways to track their evolution as individuals. I must admit I'm looking forward to the first time Laura has to do something like this. Sort of staggers the imagination...

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