Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Blizzard this, buddy!

There's a poster in the Buffalo airport with a picture of a sailboat in front of a stunning sunset, with "Blizzard this, buddy" printed below. This perfectly describes the first 24 hours we've had on our visit so far. For someone who likes just about everything about Atlanta except the summer heat, it's been ideal. The kids have thrived on it, too, running around the backyard not 15 minutes after we arrived (Danny with golf clubs in hand, of course). In the picture above, they're standing near the Niagara River (the one which flows to the Falls), having just finished a picnic on the nearby grass. Below, Clare took a moment to call Daddy.

Danny, meanwhile, played soccer. Given that we had an active morning of swimming at the Park Club, his energy level was amazing. Though, he did get a bit chilly and sought warmth on Grandma's lap while Clare swam until the bitter end.

I must also take a moment to give credit where credit is due. Buffalo, in general, is reknowned more for such gastronomical delights as the chicken wing and roast beef on kimmelweck, and not so much for nutrition-laden items. Larry, my wonderful father-in-law, is a product of this environment (I know, I know, you had salad for lunch today!). However, last night Larry coaxed Danny into eating not just one, but multiple peas! For those of you who know Danny, you recognize that this is pretty much the first (naturally) green item to cross the boy's lips. Props, Grandpa!