Thursday, July 17, 2008

Zoo life

Growing up in the San Diego area, I would hear and read the advertisements for the "world-famous" San Diego Zoo. When I moved away and would tell people that I was from San Diego, they would almost inevitably mention the zoo, so I realized that those ads weren't just a bunch of hot air - it really does seem to be world-famous. That said, I hardly ever go. I think I took Clare when she was not quite two, and that was the last time I had been, until yesterday.

Danny's been asking to go to the zoo for weeks now, and it's one of the best places to go with kids of varying ages. Katy and Nicki love the zoo, and Clare likes to do anything with them, so Sara and I packed up the kids (somewhat bleary eyed, after a raucous but fun dinner and slumber party the night before) and headed out. It was a warm day, but bearable, and I think we all enjoyed ourselves.

Here's a picture of Clare pretending to be a monkey in a tree:

And here's Danny fully enjoying his first churro (a cinnamon and sugar-coated "delicacy" found at all local amusement parks, and fairly addictive):

Because I'm a total softie, I let the kids each get a souvenir, which naturally turned out to be stuffed animals. Clare chose a white Siberian tiger, which she named Anastasia. Danny chose a regular tiger, which he named Tiger Woods. Some things never change.

We also hit the beach again on Monday with Sara and the girls, so here are a few pictures from that fun outing:

The zoo, the beach...what more do these lucky kids need? SLEEP.