Thursday, July 24, 2008

For the annals of the ridiculous

Much to Tim's chagrin, the kids and I hosted a celebration of Quincy's and Duncan's birthdays today. Duncan is a July birthday, and Quincy is August, and both turn one this year, so we decided to combine the two. We invited our good friends the Pryors over, primarily because Olivia is an animal fanatic and a big fan of our cats, so we knew she'd be an enthusiastic attendee. Of course, the main reason we wanted to honor their birthdays was so we'd have a reason to make a cake, which is how we got Tim to sanction the event.

As you can see, Quincy enjoyed the decorations.

Which is a good thing, since he later had to endure a lot of this.

The kids celebrated with a pizza lunch prior to the cake.

Duncan made only the briefest of appearances, and this was long before our guests arrived.

Quincy, on the other hand, kept coming back for more, which is why he's been dubbed "more than a bit slow" (or "retarded," as my sister put it, and she hasn't even met him). But, he's perfect for our kids!