Sunday, July 6, 2008

Double Trouble (or, Twice as Nice?)

A quick post from Topeka, Kansas, where we've been celebrating a family reunion in honor of my paternal grandparents' 65th wedding anniversary. (Incredibly, my maternal grandparents are marking that same milestone this year!) Clare has found fashion kindred spirits, not to mention great playmates in the form of new and old. New is Regan, my dad's cousin's son's daughter (if anyone knows what that makes her, please email me), who evidently shops for her Fourth of July wear at Target just as we do.

We also have the classic combo of Clare and her cousin Nicki, who is just 16 months older than Clare and who is always a fun partner in crime. The kids are exhausted but having a blast, which is all that counts. And we adults have coffee and wine, so we're surviving, too!

Danny has found a new favorite past-time (in addition to golf, which he has played frequently thanks to the golf set Grammy procured at the local Walgreens). In the spirit of the Cowboy West here in Kansas, Danny is in love with my cousin's son's stick horses, and has run several miles' worth of laps around the house and yard. So, he's also taken some significant naps...