Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pumpkin Season

Ever since Tim and I hit the pumpkin patch jackpot in the Chicago suburbs at Goebbert's Farm (with 18-month-old Clare), we've been seeking an equal experience ever since. In years past we've been to Berry Patch Farms, Cagle's Dairy Farm, Burt's Farm, and today we added Stone Mountain's Pumpkin Festival to our squash-laden resume of fall activity.

It's a bit of a split decision between Tim and I on Stone Mountain, at least as far as the touristy part goes. The surrounding park is gorgeous, especially on a sunny October day such as today's. The "Crossroads" area is where we diverge. It bills itself as an 1870s southern town, and it reminds me a lot of Disneyland. I think Tim would agree that it's well done, but he has a hard time getting past the very diverse crowd of attendees. For example, the large, gray-bearded man in the camouflage-like overalls. No, he wasn't an employee. Regardless, the kids had a terrific time. They painted pumpkins, colored animal masks, decorated crowns, watched a show, and went through a maze that emptied into an area filled with tons of bubbles. The one disappointment was the actual pumpkin patch, because a) it wasn't that big, and b) it would have been too far to lug pumpkins back to the car.

Nevertheless, our annual tradition of making a family trip to a pumpkin patch has been fulfilled. And you all know how we feel about tradition.

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ccjamesphotography said...

Woo-H00 - it's letting me leave comments now!!!! What a great weekend to go to Stone Mountain. Maybe we'll add that one to our list as well. :)