Saturday, October 11, 2008

These are the people in our neighborhood

...the people that we meet (almost) each day. We are fortunate to live in a vibrant community with lots of families - and even more kids! This afternoon was the bi-annual neighborhood BBQ. There was not an official count taken, but many of us noticed that the adults were close to being outnumbered. With the amount of pregnant women in attendance, the ratio will most certainly have changed by our next gathering, too! What a difference a couple of years makes.

We had a beautiful fall day, which enticed a good number of people to abandon the television and be social. (Tim retreated back inside for the fourth quarter, which in retrospect is too bad. Our lucky shirts are no longer lucky.) It's amazing what a grill, a few coolers, and an inflatable jumpy house plus bikes and scooters can do for a group!

In the above photo you'll see me with Linda (far left, holding Anna, Amy's baby) and Amy (far right). Linda, Amy and I are the original trio forming the East Gate Book Club (you know, the ones who ambitiously chose to read War and Peace...and will have to find something else to talk about at that meeting).

Danny LOVES these gatherings and loves that the dads let him feel like one of the guys when they're throwing the football or playing the beanbag game. Below, Eric helps him train to be a kicker for ND.

Clare also loves these events, primarily because she is truly a social creature, but also because she gets to play the "big girl" to several two- and three-year-old little girls. Here she is, enjoying dinner with Kiki (left) and Sophie (right):

Thanks to Susana's idea, we had a table set up where the kids could paint pumpkins. Danny got way more into this than I would have suspected, but naturally got more paint on himself than on the pumpkin.

Here's a picture of Allyson and her son Jack. Allyson will soon become famous via The Finicky Files.

And last but not least, here's a picture of me and Crystal. Crystal is the enormously talented photographer who took our family photo last year and will take the kids' picture again in a couple of weeks. Her husband Jeff is the neighborhood HOA president, and I just have so much appreciation for everything he does. (Hey, Jeff, I bet if Crystal posted something like that on her blog, you'd say it was cheesy. Oh well!)

You may have noticed that the jumpy house seems to be taking a beating in the background. The kids were all gathered on the side of it. That item has been worth its weight in gold, at East Gate gatherings alone!