Monday, January 26, 2009

Anatomy of a Friday Night

We have a new ritual for Friday nights, bred from some combination of our penchant for tradition and an attempt at a New Year's resolution. What is this ritual? The not-at-all original, but most enjoyable, Pizza & Movie Night. More specifically, it's Homemade Pizza & Movie Night (except the movies are not homemade). Quite often, in the past, we would order pizza on Friday nights. As most of you know, this can be quite costly, and we're supposed to be watching our $$ these days. Lucky for us, Trader Joe's offers delicious pizza dough for $1.19. Even better, it affords the kids the chance to get engaged in the kitchen, which is something I always favor.

The evening begins around 5:30, when the kids eagerly don their pajamas. They come by their appreciation of jammies very honestly, because as a child I would change into them immediately upon my arrival home from school. The sweats I have "graduated" to as an adult aren't much better, as I am certain Stacy and Clinton would be horrified.

Once appropriately dressed, the creation of the pizza begins. Generally speaking, they exhibit excellent teamwork during this portion of the evening.

While the pizza is in the oven, they are off to play for a few minutes. Ideally Daddy gets home in time for the pizza to be served and the opening credits to roll (and the wine to be uncorked - though his absence doesn't necessarily delay that particular activity). All of which takes place on the couch.

Last, but certainly not least in Clare's estimation, is the popcorn.

It's a simple evening, and easy for parents who are tired after a long week. But it keeps the four of us in the same room for a while, sharing a meal as well as some laughs. What more can we ask for?

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