Thursday, January 15, 2009

Filling My Chair

While I admit that I don't always race to school when it's my turn to help in the computer lab or art studio - there is simply not a teaching bone in my body - I was looking forward to today's experience. It was finally my turn to be the parent reader in Clare's class. Clare was also very excited about this. Last night we gave thoughtful consideration to which books we should bring to read, and selected three based loosely on the week's topic of "community helpers."

It was then bedtime. Ever since Christmas, Clare has added a breath of fresh air to this routine by opting to read to us. It's great! We get to lay on her bed and close our eyes (though we have to remember to look at any pages that have pictures on them), and Clare couldn't be more delighted to be the one reading. Not to mention that her books have been fairly interesting lately - so much so that during White House White-out (an "A to Z Mystery"), Tim used to box me out when it came time to put Clare to bed, because he was eager to find out what happened next. Anyway, as Clare prepared to read another chapter of her book, I suggested that perhaps she could read one of the books to her class during my visit. "YEAH!" she shouted joyously, immediately tempered with, "'s parent reader day. I don't know if Mrs. Tollenaer will let me do that." I assured Clare that I would ask her teacher, who was more than happy to oblige.

So Clare proudly took her place at the front of the classroom. I groaned inwardly when she chose the longest of our three books to read herself, and even wondered if she would give up halfway. Not a chance! I can't say that her classmates were always completely attentive, but they were pretty good sports (after all, they were supposed to be hearing from their "special guest," moi). And Clare was so pleased with herself! So while I may make a hobby of writing about Clare's finicky eating and the like, today was one of the many examples of why Tim and I keep her around.

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