Saturday, January 10, 2009

JAM Today at the Seymour Gallery

Today you're in for a visual treat, thanks to my talented, artist mother: Jennifer Arensdorf Morlan (a.k.a. JAM). Over the past few years she has contributed some beautiful pieces to our home, allowing us gorgeous, one-of-a-kind artwork to balance out the mass-produced prints that are more in line with our budget. For Christmas she added to this bounty - with an award-winning piece, no less! It's titled "Clouds over Chianti," and is the perfect fit for our dining room (as she, in her infinite interior design wisdom, knew it would be).

This seems a good opportunity to show the other JAM paintings we possess. This next one hangs in Clare's room, and was inspired by a mural that my mom painted in my room when I was a little girl (it was awesome):

Like the good Grammy she is, she couldn't leave Danny high and dry, so she did this series, which she titled "Celebrating Daniel," to welcome him to the world. (I remember receiving the paintings during his most colicky stage as an infant and joking to her that I hoped we would be celebrating him at some point!")

Any of you who have been to the house have likely seen these, which I love because they are so distinctive and once again fit perfectly into the dining room.

Last, but not least, is "Surf Romp." My mom based this on a photo I took of Clare and her cousins at the beach one summer day. I love this piece because it really captures the spirit of the day, which was a magical one (as are so many of the days Clare shares with Katy and Nicki). The other day, while I was carrying Danny downstairs after his nap and he was still a bit groggy, he pointed to this painting and asked about it. I showed him the girls, and he grew a bit upset, shouting, "I want in it!" (You can probably imagine from this how gatherings of the four children proceed.)

This concludes your tour. But stay tuned, as we still have plenty of wall space (hint, hint).

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Terri said...

I had no idea your mom was so talented! Those are all gorgeous!