Saturday, January 3, 2009

Daddy Day, Pacific Edition

On our last day in California, while Clare and I spent a girlie playdate with Kelsey, Colleen, and Aunt Jennifer, Tim and Danny took off for the Pacific Ocean. Tim makes sure to visit the ocean at least once each time he heads West, and this time around he worked in a few trips - but this was the only one that involved Danny. It was a gorgeous day hovering near 70, and the two of them had a blast running from waves, observing seagulls, and building sandcastles. They capped it off with a trip to the famous In-N-Out Burger, where Danny ate like a man by downing a burger. The sweet and simple life of a dude.


ccjamesphotography said...

Wow - and he TOOK PICTURES too! Now that's devotion! :)

ccjamesphotography said...

WOW - and he TOOK PICTURES too! Now that's daddy devotion! :)