Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ode to Testosterone

It started so simply
A room in pale blue
“A boy will be different”
Oh, this is too true

Each stick calls his name
To swing or to hit
Now heroes and cars

He likes quite a bit

With an “Argh!” and a roar
He speeds through the day

And heaven forbid
When things don’t go his way

Yes, his temper his strong
But his love is so sweet
He is funny, and clever

A real parents’ treat

A cowboy by day
His best friend’s a horse
He gallops and neighs
(‘Cept on the golf course)

Yet when evening comes
And Daddy arrives
“Ahoy thar me parties!”
And the swords then do thrive

Yes, swords now are two

For Tim could not bear
That Dan was
But of course wouldn’t share

They say boys will be boys
And this I believe
I can’t wait to see
What’s next up his sleeve?


Delanie said...

What an adorable tribute to your son (and his daddy). He is so lucky to have this poem for his walk down memory lane later in life!

A King, A Queen, and their Princesses said...

I see Tim got his sword :-)

ccjamesphotography said...

Did you seriously write that poem??? You're so cool! :)

Amy B said...

Wow - you'll have to read that at Danny's rehearsal dinner...