Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Clare's Mustard Seed Project Begins

This past weekend Clare began work on her school project, "The Mustard Seed Project Challenge." A bit of background: Recently, each child at Christ the King School was given $1 as "seed money" with the challenge to make it grow for the Mustard Seed Ministry. Specifically, the money will be used to benefit a group of needy children in Jamaica with whom the founder of the MSM has a close connection. The purpose of this project is to encourage creative thinking and a sense of giving to the wider community. It is also an opportunity for these CKS children to use their individual gifts.

After some consideration and conversation, Clare and I came up with an idea that we think is well suited to her interests and talents: reading. We then proposed to neighborhood tots and other friends that Clare would come and read stories for as long as their attention span warrants. Hopefully this would coincide with helping the parents out, too, enabling them to get dinner started, provide a distraction on a rainy day, or even give mom or dad a few minutes of peace on the computer.

In Anna's case, Clare read to her while waiting for guests to arrive to her second birthday party. Anna is such a sweetie, and since her mom is one of our book club's founding members, we knew we had someone highly supportive of our project. I was not there to witness it, but Amy assures me that it was "REALLY cute," and she was kind enough to take pictures.

We have until February 4 for Clare to make her seed money grow, so for those of you who expressed interest (and even tried to make an appointment), please let me know. We appreciate your support!

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Donna Wilson said...

Hi Elizabeth,

What a great idea! Your blog was forwarded to me from the executive director of Mustard Seed, Laura Doherty, she lives in Boston. Let me know how much money Clare raises I want to put it in the CKS e-news in January. This is exactly what we were hoping would come out of the challenge. Thanks, Donna Wilson