Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas 2009

On Christmas morning, Danny and Clare came out of their rooms, peeked over the railing, and Danny declared, "He came!" So they worked their way downstairs and joyfully exclaimed over their respective gifts from Santa: Kit the American Girl doll and a box of Legos for Clare, and a Playmobil horse set and pirate Legos for Danny. These four items kept the two of them busy for the next 90 minutes. Finally they were willing to turn their attention to the array of wrapped packages under the tree, where many more wonderful toys and gifts were unveiled. And this was just Christmas #1!

After a lovely day at home, complete with homemade waffles, lots of playing, chatting on the phone with cousins, a fun lunch at the Balzuweits with friends and neighbors, more playing and an early bedtime, we headed to Buffalo for Christmas #2. Suffice to say these kids are not suffering for toys, though they have really seemed to enjoy everything they received. The Playmobil knights are the big winners (with both kids), especially when paired with the sets from Tim's childhood that Donna and Larry wisely saved over the years.

We adults fared very well ourselves, but both Karen and Brian pointed out that there's really nothing better than little kids on Christmas. We're savoring (almost) every moment. Since it's hard to narrow down the pictures, I've created another slideshow. Enjoy!

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