Friday, December 18, 2009

What An Angel

Last night was Clare's much-anticipated school performance of The First Christmas. She was soooo excited about her "big night," as were the other 60-odd first graders. By the time we arrived at school last night, the excitement had reached a fever pitch. What is it about being at school at night that is so exhilarating?

Mind you, she had been rehearsing for weeks, both at school and at home. In fact, "Nativity" has been a favorite game of hers and Danny's for the past several weekends. This has provided several laughs, including Clare's get-up as Mary and the following from Danny: "Clare, the angel told the wise men that they have to joust Darth Vader!" At which point he galloped off on his stick horse, trusty light saber at his side. And while she has been at times painfully pious about this Christmas season, even Clare got a good kick out of that one.

These games served us well as far as getting Danny more interested in the play itself. Of course, to him the Roman soldiers were "knights," which he proclaimed loudly more than once during the actual performance. But since he said it somewhat reverently, he slid by.

Each child had a spoken line, so I feared a long night, but it was a swift yet darling performance. A carpool colleague mentioned last night that he and his wife used to attend this event even before they were married (okay, so his mom is the school principal), simply because it's such a great way to really get into the Christmas spirit. I couldn't agree more!

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Jennifer A Morlan said...

What an adorable angel costume! How did you ever come up with it? So wish that we could have been there for the performance; it would have bee a great way to really get into the Christmas spirit.