Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Last Bedtime

For approximately 23 days now, Danny has been asking me, "Is it the last bedtime?" As in, does Santa come tonight? Finally I was able to give him the answer he wanted! All in all we've had a delightful Christmas Eve, which began with making gingerbread cookies for Santa, then moved on to church (after Clare and Danny helped Tim wrap presents, sequestered in the guest room...excellent eavesdropping, let me tell you), placing Baby Jesus in the manger, and then finally time for festive pajamas, hanging of stockings, and finally putting the treats out for the big guy himself (and his reindeer). For the grandparents, I threw together a quick slide show. And, of course, stay tuned for the main event!

1 comment:

Jennifer A Morlan said...

Thank you for the sweet video. We are all enjoying it, but it makes us miss you even more. Merry Christmas with lots of love.