Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Jolly Old St. Nick

December 1st has always been a special day to me. As a kid, it was the day my dad finally let us start listening to Christmas music, and the day my mom would begin to cart out all of the decorations. Although I know it shows my age, I distinctly remember putting our favorite records on the record player and immersing ourselves in the spirit of the season.

So, today seems like a good day to post the picture of Clare and Danny's visit to Santa Clause. Hopefully this won't prompt anyone to call DFACS, but this was the first time either one of them visited the big guy. In my defense, I gave Clare the option the past few years and she always declined. This year, though, both were game...and both seemed to enjoy their chat. For all I know this will be their one and only experience with him, so pretty clever that I put them in matching outfits, eh? (It's also most likely the last year that Clare will be willing to wear clothes that match her little brother's.)

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Amy Mershon Plummer said...

Maybe Danny should get some dress socks in his stocking this year... ;-) and Wow, that is one BIG Santa!