Sunday, December 20, 2009

Our Version of the Thompson Party

(That's a reference to The Family Man, by the way.)

Grandparent alert: No photos of your grandchildren will appear in this post. Hey, it's not all about them.

When Tim and I first moved into our neighborhood, we despaired a bit that we had somehow failed to land in one of the idyllic, family-filled subdivisions we heard so many others speak of. Sandwiched between two older, child-less couples and across the street from a newly engaged couple, it felt as though we were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Gradually we became friendly with some neighbors, many of whom did indeed have kids - and most of whom lived on a different street. The old saying "location, location, location" really seemed to be ringing true.

Eventually, though, we attended enough happy hours, barbecues, playgroups and poker matches to break through the barrier. After almost five years in this house, we feel surrounded by friends and happy to be where we are.

Last night's holiday party at the Kings' has become an annual tradition that reinforces this feeling. It's a winning combination of 1) no kids, 2) an amazing basement, 3) a festive cocktail list, and 4) hilarious white elephant gift exchange. (I fear for the whereabouts of the jar of mayo, and I promise you that the balloon kit will make an appearance again, somewhere, somehow.) Of course, it all really works because of the fun group of people who attend. Special thanks to Bryant and Susana (who somehow didn't make it into my pictures - apologies!) for their gracious hospitality. Keep an eye out for the bass.

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Jennifer A Morlan said...

Well, I like to see pix of "my kid" too! and of Tim too, of course. You look amazing in that top. Looks like you found a great necklace to go with. So a blog without pix of the kids ONCE IN AWHILE is ok ;-)