Tuesday, March 22, 2011

East Gate's Newest Generation

The people in our neighborhood love to observe that we are single-handedly repopulating the earth. Given that most of the families moved in as young married couples and now have multiple kids, it does seem that way. Especially for those of us producing our third children.

It's a terrific support system that has really cemented friendships. There's nothing like the trenches of parenthood to bond people together! Above is a picture of Laura with her first boyfriend, sweet baby James. They are almost exactly nine weeks apart, which seems like a big age difference right now but won't within a few months. His mom, Amy, was one of the first neighbors I met when I dared to attend the inaugural neighborhood book club meeting that she dared to host. Danny was eight weeks old at the time, and it was one of my first social events since his birth! I look forward to lots of bonding time over walks and playdates - and soon we'll have the newest member of the King family to join our posse!

Laura digs it.

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