Saturday, March 26, 2011

Eight is Enough, Part II: The Afternoon

Thanks to the older infrastructure supporting Christ the King, Clare got an unexpected half day of school on her birthday due to a broken water pipe. Fortunately Danny was fine with her joining him on his lunch date with Grandma, so the three of them went off to McDonald's. This gave me a chance to decorate her cake in peace, too, so it was truly win-win.

When they returned, Donna whisked Clare off for the surprise treat of getting her nails done. Clare was beaming over this, and it sounds as though they had a lovely time. When the ladies at the salon learned that it was Clare's birthday, they treated her to flowers on her thumbs and big toes, too.

The last couple of hours before Tim came home with dinner and it was time for presents were surprisingly peaceful, with lots of reading and relaxing. Donna had kindly brought Danny some new books, which Clare had fun reading aloud to him. This gave Donna and I the opportunity to play 'pass the baby!' (She did eventually settle down, just in time for dinner and gifts.) It was also time to field a phone call from Aunt Karen, which you can see Danny took fairly seriously.

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