Friday, March 25, 2011

Eight is Enough, Part I: The Morning

Despite our repeated pleas for Clare to remain seven, she woke up bright and early and eight years old this morning. To mark the occasion, Tim spent a good amount of time last night crafting a card that really expresses some special time they've shared together the past couple of months: morning drive time.

From the first time Tim drove Clare in the morning, she was introduced to the wonders of NPR news. And loved it. When she would get home from school, she started sharing tidbits of current events with me. A little slow on the uptake, I finally understood that she was telling me what she heard on the radio while in Tim's car. It was typically very global in nature, especially since she began listening right when things started to heat up in Egypt. Her favorite tidbits were anything taking place in China or Japan.

Being a first-hand witness to her enthusiasm, Tim was inspired to create a card showing Clare as an NPR correspondent around the world. I think it is so sweet how much love he poured into this card, and she was very excited about receiving it this morning while enjoying her breakfast (Fasnacht kuechles, imported directly from Buffalo via Grandma's suitcase!).

Shortly thereafter, the two were off to school, ready to turn on the news. Normally Fridays are a movie day, but earlier in the week Clare had already decided that she would prefer to listen to NPR. She really is her daddy's girl, and I'm wild about them both!

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