Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Two Months Old

Ah, the life of a two-month-old. Laura is spending more time awake and alert, though she still spends a significant amount of time sleeping and loves her cradle swing. So much so that she doesn't do that endearing thing where she effortlessly falls asleep on our chests anymore. Oh well. Tim has persevered with the bottle, an experience which improves each time he offers it. And although it's not quite the popular spot it was with Danny and Clare, the bouncy seat has come into play as a place for her to spend some time, in addition to the playmat and her crib for mobile viewing. I've started taking her for walks, too, which is essentially exercise for me and naptime for her.

She is also spending a lot more time in the car, which was inevitable for her as baby number three. So far she's not an enormous fan, but then again so many of these trips involve timing that inevitably awakens her from a deep sleep or conflicts with what she considers mealtime. So we hear her scream a fair amount. Other than that, though, she's a pretty happy baby who is gracing us with her smiles more and more often. These make it all the more appealing for Clare and Danny to hold her.

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