Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I think we all get tired of older, more experienced parents warning us how quickly our children's lives will pass by - and yet, we've all likely said it ourselves to new parents. Probably because it's so damn true. Clare is upstairs reading her first chapter book with Tim for bedtime on this, her fifth birthday. FIVE! Every possible cliche is running through my head, the most prominent being "where did the time go?"

At least five times today Clare exclaimed, "I'm five now!" and she certainly acted like it, too. We kicked the day off by opening her much-anticipated presents. (After she fed Quincy and Duncan, that is. She remains a faithful caretaker.) Our sweet, nerdy little bookworm had asked for books, art supplies and clothes, and every request was fulfilled (and then some). She seems particularly intrigued by her dictionary, which speaks volumes about how her mind works.

Happy birthday, Clare Bear!