Saturday, March 15, 2008

Let the games begin

Enough already. As a wannabe-writer, not to mention email and internet addict, a blog is a no-brainer. Add to this the fact that we have zero family members living near us, and I could easily be accused of negligence for not starting this about five years ago. But hey, let's just embrace the fact that I'm showing up at the party at all.

I hesitate to kick off this blog by talking about pets, but by far the biggest news around our house these days is the arrival of Quincy (pictured with Clare) and Duncan. Our new feline friends joined our family on the occasion of Clare's fifth birthday. Quincy, named for one of the Little Einsteins (Danny's FAVORITE show), is the more social of the two, and patiently puts up with more abuse and love from Clare and Danny than I thought was possible from a cat. Duncan, named for the cat from the book Duncan and Dolores, is a bit more crafty when it comes to avoiding the attentions of the kids. He has at least emerged from permanent residence under the bed, and once the kids retire for the night he's quite friendly. Hmmm. All that remains is for the cats to figure out how to win over Tim. Pawing at our bedroom door at ungodly times is not doing the trick. But I think they're cute.

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