Sunday, March 16, 2008

Palm Sunday

As a kid, I remember dreading Holy Week, because it was full of solemn, guilt-ridden church services and absolutely no treats whatsoever. Which is probably as it should be, given that we're reflecting on Jesus' ultimate sacrifice. I figure Clare and Danny will eventually be exposed to the more subdued aspects of Holy Week, but at almost-5 and 22 months, now isn't quite the time. However, the opportunity to see a real, live donkey at church? Now that you can't possibly pass up. So this morning we packed up the troops and headed to church for the Palm Sunday procession before mass. The donkeys were indeed a hit, and yet they paled in comparison to the palms (or, alternately, "sticks" and "plums," according to Danny).

Danny also gave a completely new twist to the Palm Sunday procession by making pirate sounds while waving his palm. Fortunately, he was in the back of the line - and his application to Christ the King isn't due for a few more years.

We finished our Sunday morning with a family trip to the bagel store. Bon appetit!

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