Sunday, March 30, 2008

Their eyes have it

I really like a song by Keane called "Your Eyes Open." It's a bit ironic, since I seem to go through life so quickly at times that my eyes might as well be shut. Fortunately, my kids continue to keep their big green ones wide open. Two times in the past week Danny has pointed out some of the truly beautiful spring blossoms that have popped up along the Silver Comet Trail - sights I had completely missed until he mentioned them. These moments have also led me to recognize how far his conversational skills have come in the past few weeks. "Look at the flowers, Mommy!" "Oh, you're right, Danny, I like those." "Me, too!" I credit big sister Clare with much of that dialog development. He cracked the two of us up yesterday when he heard us talking and said, "What are you talking about?" As if it was any of his business.