Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter, round one

If Tim had his way, Easter would have dawned sloooowly, with everyone lounging in their respective beds and the sun making its way to a bright spot in the sky. That, sadly, did not happen. Instead, Clare bounded out of her room while it was still dark in search of her Easter basket, Danny hollered for release from his crib, and the cats ran around seeking someone to pause long enough to feed them. Ever the dutiful dad, Tim eschewed his weekend, Liz-given right to sleep in and got up with the rest of us to witness the joyous reclamation of Easter baskets. Well, truth be told, Danny was so overcome by the sight of Clare's basket that we had to get his for him. The point being that these were some excited kids.

After a delicious homemade breakfast of waffles, bacon, and strawberries, further excitement ensued when it was time to put on clothes for church. Clare has been talking about her dress for weeks, and the Easter bonnet I gave her yesterday nearly put her over the edge (long live Target's dollar spot!). Danny was quite pleased with himself as well and pointed out his shirt, "jeans" (khakis), and Crocs to the lovely couple sitting next to us in mass. To those with an ounce of fashion sense, no, I am not proud that my son wore bright red Crocs to church on Easter Sunday. However, a) it wasn't a battle I could have safely won, and b) I miscalculated my stash of hand-me-downs and didn't really have an alternative for him.

The kids are now resting in anticipation of the neighborhood egg hunt (and happy hour!) we're hosting here later today, so stay tuned.