Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Sometimes I think history lessons are wasted on the young. It's only now that I'm starting to see the real influence past events have on the present and will potentially have on the future. And now that I'm older and presumably wiser, with less of the "I am the center of the universe" attitude (when will my children reach this state??), I see that times and events that had nothing to do with me still affect me. Take, for example, the year 1943. This is 34 years before I came along, but three major happenings took place this year that continue to profoundly shape who I am. And here in 2008 I am celebrating the 65th anniversary of those events.

I have already mentioned it previously, but feel it deserved its own post: both of my sets of grandparents celebrate their 65th wedding anniversaries this year. I love to use this tidbit to taunt Tim with the fact that I have really good genes, but all joking aside I think this is an amazing testament to the faith and morals I've been raised with. Today happens to be my own parents' 42nd anniversary, and my in-laws will celebrate 41 years in December. These relationships build my confidence about family life in a world that isn't always giving me the same message.

The above picture shows my paternal grandparents, Robert (Bob) and Edna (Eddie) Morlan. Eddie boarded a train in her home state of Kansas and rode it all the way out to Oakland, California to marry Bob, who was serving in the WWII-immersed Navy at the time.
Above, in between the grainy lines, are my maternal grandparents Roger and Geraldine Arensdorf. They also married in WWII-time conditions, with the two of them setting off for Naval officer training school at Notre Dame shortly after they were married. I might be the first Domer in the family, but Grandfather's experience on campus was the next best thing.
Last but not least, this year is also the 65th anniversary of my mother-in-law's, Donna Wilson Seymour's, birthday. I am very lucky to have such an inspiring and likable woman as my mother-in-law. Like I said, 1943 was a big year!