Wednesday, September 17, 2008

It's all about me

At least, on my birthday it is! And today, for the .01% who didn't get an email from me, I want to direct you to my latest writing adventure: The Finicky Files on I'll be writing The Finicky Files bi-monthly, so stay tuned, and sign up on Mairecipes to get the latest update.

Other than that, it's been a quietly pleasant day. Danny did not get the memo about needing to be sweet when he first woke up this morning, but after we drove the kids to school and met Amy, Parker, and Jennifer for a walk, we picked up some donuts on our way to the car wash. Those donuts transformed him! (Clearly his mother's child.) So we whiled away over an hour while they scrubbed my car, including the carpets which now look brand-new. It must be a sign of age that something this mundane made me so truly happy, but so be it!

From there we drove the sparkling Odyssey to meet Allyson for a sushi lunch, and now it's a peaceful afternoon here at the Seymour house. This evening I get to enjoy margaritas and girlfriends, so my year is getting off to an excellent start!

Since I'm still waiting for Clare to create a birthday card for me, I don't have any birthday-related images. But I think this one from yesterday of Danny and Lulu grocery shopping is cute. They were having a ball!