Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A breath of fresh air

Many of you may be asking yourself why I have a lousy picture of a window to begin today's post. Hopefully you at least noticed that the window is open. This is a major victory for me, and represents all the unleashed glory of fresh air blowing through my house and life. It has been approximately a week now that the air conditioning has been turned off, and with that fresh air comes a new spring in my step. Everything is just so much more pleasant when the weather is nice, wouldn't you agree?

On days like this, you simply can't resist a trip to the playground. Yesterday after school we made a late-afternoon trip to nearby Thompson Park. Of course, despite all the fabulous play equipment, the major draw of this particular spot is a GIANT boulder. I can explain it best, at least to those in my family, by saying that it is most definitely not something Grandma Eddie would be at all comfortable with. (She'd have been even less comfortable with me standing there with a camera in front of my nose instead of providing a steady hand to block any forthcoming falls.) Nonetheless, the kids flock to it, and it really is the source of some very imaginative games. Of course, Danny decided it was an excellent place to practice his not-so-steady hopping skills, but miraculously he stayed unscathed. Must be the crocs.