Thursday, September 18, 2008

See more Lennon

I can't believe I'm pandering to blatant requests for shout-outs, but here I am. Allow me to introduce you all to J. Michael Lennon, an ND friend of mine but one of Tim's best friends from high school as well as college. Mike lives in Buffalo now with his wife Lisa (who did not request a shout-out but deserves one anyway) and their two daughters Mary Valerie and Briege. The Lennon Ladies provide excellent playmates whenever we visit Buffalo. Mike provides the, I guess he is a bit more deserving than I perhaps gave him credit for being. Then again, he did miss our wedding. I'm just saying. Ask Mike, and he'll tell you it was because he was stuck on a Navy cruise. Blah blah military duty.
Here are the Seymour and Lennon offspring, all together this past August:

And here's a picture of Tim with three-month-old Clare and Mike with seven-month-old Mary (note both first-time dads have a bit of a glazed-over look, don't they?):

Lennon, if this opens the floodgates to requests for blog-ops, you're in big trouble.