Thursday, September 25, 2008

Those Wild Women of Walsh

The other day several of us received an email informing us that Walsh Hall, our dorm at Notre Dame, is about to turn 100. For the uninitiated, dorms assume an important identity at Notre Dame because there is no Greek life. Instead, you form a bond with your dorm, where you remain for four years, or as long as you choose to live on campus. While plenty of seniors tend to move off-campus, the majority elect to stay. Including most of the 12 of us (Mals, to this day it kills me that you weren't here for this photo):

The message about Walsh's impending birthday made the mistake of saying "any pictures relating to life in Walsh Hall are welcome," which naturally got the emails flying among us, recalling all the events that would probably not actually be welcome - but were really fun for us to remember. Like the illicit keg we got for the last week of classes:

It also just got me thinking about daily life in Walsh, and how much fun we had with random moments. We all played a LOT of cards, primarily euchre. One night Breen and Mallie chose to play "guess which card is on my forehead." No, seriously, they really are smart girls...

And the night Cat and I were killing time until United Limo came to drive us to the airport in Chicago (Cat, this is the single greatest shout-out I can possibly give you):

We four below were the residents of Room 329, which was happily the epicenter of the dorm social life for the 12 of us. We're all scattered all over the place these days and don't stay in touch with the frequency we would probably like - but I think we all have very fond memories. Cheers to all of you!

I had to add this picture of Clare and me visiting the steps of Walsh in August of 2004, when she was about 17 months old. Who knows, maybe she'll be the next generation of Wild Women...