Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Happy feet

I post these pictures as a shout-out to two people. My mom, who still laughs about how I used to come straight home from school and change from my uniform into my pajamas...

And Meaghan, whose mother purchased these Elmo slippers for Clare back when she was an 18-month-old running around saying, "cute shoes!"

To back up, I found some slippers for Clare today during my coveted, child-free trip to Target (we've been searching for acceptable slippers for her for a while now, and fortunately these passed muster). I gave them to her after school, and she wanted to put them on immediately. Which naturally meant that Danny wanted some slippers. With luck, I had come across the Elmo ones while going through Clare's outgrown items a while back. You'd be surprised at the amount of entertainment these two derived from this footwear for the next two hours. Let's just say that at one point, clothing was optional...which is about when Daddy surprised us by coming home early from work. Wonder if he'll do that again anytime soon?